Brent Huisman

Brent Huisman lived in the Midwest until he was 9 when his family was relocated to Singapore where he lived until he graduated high school.  Living in Southeast Asia is a large part of his upbringing and traveling with is family is a great experience he loves to share.   After leaving Singapore Brent went on to pursue a BBA in Marketing from the University of Iowa. 

Brent Huisman took his talents and received his first opportunity in the business and finance world in 1998.  Brent obtained his first position at GE Capital Auto Financial Services. During his 22 year career in the auto finance industry, Brent Huisman has utilized his marketing background to work for some of the largest names in the auto finance industry including GE Capital Auto Financial Services, JP Morgan Chase, ADESA, HSBC among others. Today, Brent Huisman has become an authority on various auto financing topics, including car repossession and vehicle remarketing. Currently, he works as Senior Vice President of Asset Remarketing and Repossession for Exeter Finance. In addition to Brent’s professional career, he is the founder of First Sunday Dallas Charities.  

Vehicle Remarketing: 

When a vehicle’s lease expires, the lessee can either buy the car from the supplier or return it to the dealership. Vehicles not purchased by a driver post-lease will often become unwanted assets for a fleet or leasing company since the value will have inevitably depreciated.  Companies also look for ways to sell repossessed assets and non-auto’s such as recreational vehicles, boats and campers.   For this reason, fleets, finance and leasing companies will often look to sell these leased vehicles in high volumes to different companies and consumers. This process is called vehicle remarketing and today is a multimillion-dollar business within the United States.   

In upcoming entries, Brent Huisman hopes to share his experiences within the auto finance industry and discuss the intricacies of car repossession, automobile leasing, best remarketing practices, and a variety of other topics. Those interested in learning more about the auto financing industry, car repossessions, vehicle remarketing, and other facets of Brent Huisman’s career are encouraged to return to this site for frequent updates.